Sbarro Ferrari 360 Remix Costs More Than A New 296 GTB

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A price that would buy a new Ferrari or a lot of Sbarro pizza.

Back in 1956 in Brooklyn, NY, Sbarro first opened its doors. Over the next several decades the iconic- sorry. That's the Sbarro pizza chain. The Sbarro we're talking about was founded in Switzerland in 1971. And at least what that Sbarro makes looks far more appetizing than the pizza. That includes this, a Sbarro Alcador GTB. This one is listed for sale over in Germany. Nuremberg to be specific.

The Sbarro Alcador GTB was based on the Ferrari 360, though it certainly doesn't look it. It also asks for modern Ferrari money. The listing states the seller wants $422,000 USD for it, around $100K more than Ferrari's current mid-engine offering, the Ferrari 296 GTB. Dollar for dollar, this is a far more strange and unique car than any Ferrari on sale today.

Apparently, this is one of only three Alcador GTBs in existence. This car was originally commissioned by a German family, eventually finding its way to this Nuremberg dealer. It's also a hell of a lot more expensive than your average Ferrari 360 in Germany. You can have a German 360 for as low as $80,000 USD depending on mileage and condition. Then again, there's a reason for that discrepancy.

Starting with the bodywork, which has aged rather well, sans the TVR-esque headlights. We'd maybe pull those Ferrari wheels off. Not everyone needs to know this is a 360, after all. Still, the engine is a huge giveaway, sporting Ferrari's trademark red valve covers. Speaking of, this one is said to produce roughly 400 hp and 275 lb-ft, right in line with the 360's figures. However, you'll have to manage that power through Ferrari's dreaded F1 semi-automatic gearbox.

Inside, it's a bit easier to tell this used to be a Ferrari, especially once you see the gauge cluster and center console. Those are nearly unchanged as compared to the 360. Still, the beige Alcantara seats and trim help to set the car apart. As do the hilarious gullwing doors, which are certainly more McLaren than Ferrari.

In the end, the only thing this Sbarro has in common with the pizza chain is the wedge shape of their products. We'll let you decide which one you'd rather have, or you can just buy a new 2022 Ferrari 296 GTB for that money. Your call.

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