Sbarro React'EV Zips into Geneva

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Swiss design school finishes its electric racecar in time for its home-turn auto show.

The Istituto Europeo di Design isn't the only art school that comes to Geneva each year with a new design study. So does the enigmatic Franco Sbarro's Espera school in Montbeliard, Switzerland. This year's class worked up a racecar called the React'EV, but don't call it a concept car. Collaborating with the University of Technology across town, the students created a fully functional racecar that it will actually race at the upcoming EV rally in Monaco.

Previewed in the construction phase in the run-up to the show, the React'EV has been finished in high-contrast deep blue and silver with enough gaping air vents to make you think there was a high-revving V12 in there. Under the angular bodywork in fact sits a hybrid powertrain consisting of a Peugeot-sourced V6 with 210 horsepower and a pair of electric motors each kicking in another 134 hp but a much more substantial 553 lb-ft of instant torque. Not too shabby for a bunch of students, eh?

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