Scandalous G63 AMG 6X6 Invades America

The perfect auto for world domination is also the best off-roader you can't buy.

It may look impractical, overweight and expensiveas hell. But while it is all those things and more, the Mercedes-Benz G63 6X6-which has now arrived in the US- is also devilishly fast and capable ofascending, fording or crushing just about anything. The 8,322lb monster uses a 5.5-liter bi-turbo V8 to move it from 0-62mph in 6 seconds. It alsoproduces 536 horsepower and 560lb-ft of torque, using a 7G-tronic transmissionto send power to all six wheels.

Thesix-by-six beast derives from the C320 CDI, designed and developed for theAustralian army. Itsbrutish dimensions extend almost 20-feet in length, 7-feet wide and 7.2-feettall, the two extra wheels adding 43-inches over already-massive standard G63. Thecar costs $525,000 in Europe, so if you plan to grab one of the 20-30 to bebuilt each year, expect to part with some serious dough. Spottedin America wearing German plates, it looks even more badass then its impressivespecs would imply.

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