Scary Footage Shows BMW Plunge Off Multi-Storey Parking Garage


This isn't even the first time this type of accident has happened at the same parking garage.

We’ve seen cars plunging off parking garages in movie stunts, but this terrifying footage shows it happening in a real-life accident. Statesman Media reports how a BMW 4-Series crashed through a barrier and fell seven-stories down a parking garage before crashing hard onto the ground floor, flattening the car’s front-end. The accident occurred in Austin, Texas, last month, but police have only now released footage. It’s scary to watch, as the coupe hits the ground nose-first with considerable force, clips the back of a passing SUV and rolls onto its roof.

Passers-by rushed to rescue the trapped driver escape the overturned car. The woman driving the BMW 4-Series sustained serious, but not life-threatening injuries, and was treated in hospital. It’s fortunate that the car didn’t land directly on the SUV or any other cars or pedestrians.

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The brutal crash could have easily caused multiple injuries or fatalities. Unbelievably, this isn’t the first time an accident of this nature has happened in the same parking garage. Last year, a Toyota 4Runner smashed through the barriers and was left dangling precariously off the top floor for several nerve-racking hours. Luckily, no one was hurt. The garage issued a statement that no similar accidents had happened in the last 38 years prior to these accidents and that a structural engineer had been hired to approve their safety barriers. The City of Austin also approved the repairs made after last year’s crash. As Jalopnik points out, perhaps they should consider investing in stronger materials like concrete walls.