SCG Boss Says Boot Pickup Will Be Better Than F-150 Lightning

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James Glickenhaus has made some bold claims.

Now that the new Ford F-150 Lightning has been revealed, does any other electric pickup truck stand a chance? Predicting exactly when the Tesla Cybertruck will arrive is a fool's errand. The Rivian R1T truck looks promising but will start at a much more expensive $67,500 and the same goes for the brutish GMC Hummer EV, which will start at just under $80,000. Well, someone that is confident of having a "better electric solution" than the Lightning is James Glickenhaus. In a lengthy Facebook post that went up after the Ford's unveiling, Glickenhaus seemed bullish about the prospects of his company's planned hydrogen fuel cell Boot pickup truck.

James Glickenhaus/Facebook James Glickenhaus/Facebook Glickenhaus/Facebook

Glickenhaus is the boss at Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus (SCG) and last year, it was the racing Glickenhaus Boot that beat the Bronco R race truck at the Baja 1000 despite rolling over. Based on Glickenhaus's latest post on Facebook, the toned-down, road-going, hydrogen-powered Boot will be something special. Using hydrogen fuel cells much like the new Toyota Mirai, the engineers are aiming for a phenomenal 1,200-mile range with the four-door model and shorter bed. A two-door variant will have a 600-mile range which is still more than any other EV currently on the market. Of course, charging speeds for fuel cell vehicles remain a big plus.

Glickenhaus Glickenhaus

"We will introduce a re-fueling solution which you'll need a lot less often, that will be simple and easily available worldwide 24/7/365," said Glickenhaus. "This is especially important for fleets, contractors, first responders, and utility companies who want zero-emission vehicles that can quickly be refueled anywhere."

The SCG boss pointed to the Boot's Baja 1000 successes as evidence that his team's goals are not far-fetched and once again invited Tesla and Ford to compete at the 2022 edition of the off-roading endurance race. Having previously spoken about the hydrogen-powered Boot, Glickenhaus now wants to enter it into the 2022 Baja 1000. While details of SCG's re-fueling solution aren't clear, it will be intriguing to see if the Boot can live up to these claims.

Glickenhaus Glickenhaus

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