SCG Is Dead Serious About Building This Modern Day Baja Boot

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If you can build a world-class supercar, why not go off-road too?

Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus is known for its extraordinary track-focused supercars, most recently the SCG004S. Founded by James Glickenhaus, the small but influential American company is now turning its attention to something that was only briefly mentioned in passing last year: a modern version of the Baja Boot. At the time, Glickenhaus didn't reveal much, but now SCG has posted several images on its Facebook page announcing the project. Yes, it's really happening.

The images are only renderings for now, but they're detailed enough to get a very good idea what SCG has in mind. Going from the track to hardcore off-roading isn't exactly easy, but these renderings indicate SCG knows what it's doing. And let's be honest here: the design isn't exactly sexy. It's more function first, styling later. And yet it still manages to look wicked cool. There's a lot of Dakar-style in there as well, such as the large amount of space between the tires and wheel wells and two spare tires. And like its supercars, SCG says the Boots will be fully street-legal and will base at around $100,000. Power will come from a 5.0-liter naturally aspirated V8, and drivers will be able to switch between rear- and four-wheel drive.

The sole gearbox will be an automatic because SCG claims demand for a manual, at least in this segment, simply isn't there. Two different body styles will be offered, two- and four-door, called the Steve and Expedition, respectively. FYI: Steve McQueen was the originally owner of the Hurst Baja Boot. Interestingly, the driver's seat will be center-mounted, and interior amenities such as heat and a/c will be offered. More details will surely arrive in the coming months and if SCG has its way, production will begin sometime this year.


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