Schmidt Revolution's 275HP Golf GTI

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It's never too late to improve a GTI, as Schmidt Revolution has done with the fifth generation model.

There's no question that the Volkswagen Golf GTI is the finest hot hatch on the market. It's been evolved through several generations to become the fine piece of automotive performance machinery it is today. However, Schmidt Revolution has just released details of their tuning program for the fifth generation model (mk5). The German tuner updated the exterior with a lower body kit and a satin black paint job accompanied by some red accents. There's also a dual exhaust system and an original R32 rear bumper.

Other features include 19-inch wheels and a Kenwood navigation system. Performance wise, the 2.0-liter TFSI four-cylinder engine has been upgraded with a modified air intake and an optimized ECU. This has resulted in an improved performance of 271hp, which is an increase by 74hp over the standard mk5 GTI. No official pricing has been released.

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