Schumacher's Ferrari Enzo and FXX For Sale

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Two of the rarest Ferraris on the planet owned by the F1 great are for sale in Switzerland.

Ferrari and Maserati dealership Garage Zenith has some very special cars on its books. But none more so than seven-time F1 champion Michael Schumacher's Ferrari Enzo and one-off FXX. Both cars were presented to the racing legend as gifts by the Italian carmaker for his unparalleled achievements. The Enzo sports some special touches, including a slew of famous signatures under the hood including that of the Ferrari boss, as well as 8,500 km on the clock.

While Schumacher obviously spent time in the Enzo, the FXX, with just 900 km on the odo, was a much rarer treat, unsurprising given it can only be used on the track where the racecar driver is used to much faster machines. This is the only all-black FXX, one of 30 ever built, and once featured on Top Gear when the German speed freak took it for a lap around the Dunsfold Aerodrome. So how much is the dealer asking for these unique Prancing Horses? For the Enzo, it wants the equivalent of $1.47 m and it wants a cool $2.68 m for the FXX. We doubt Schumacher needs the money but $4 million is still $4 million.

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