SchwabenFolia Adds More Bad Ass to the Camaro SS

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Ze Germans add a supercharger and cool body wrap to the Chevy Camaro SS.

How do you make a supercharged Chevy Camaro SS look even better? It can be a bit tough, but the guys over at SchwabenFolia have found a way by wrapping the muscle car in a dark grey matte metallic finish. The German wrapping specialist further upgraded the exterior via some contrasting shiny bits such as scoops, vents and blades. The exterior package was finished off with a set of black BBS wheels.

But perhaps the coolest bit here is the new supercharger that was added to the Camaro's 6.2-liter V8. Official output specs weren't revealed but considering the base Camaro SS produces 376 horsepower, the supercharger is sure to add quite a punch. Official pricing also wasn't revealed but this group of Germans clearly knows how to tune an all-American muscle car.

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