SchwabenFolia Makes a Black Bat Out of the Wiesmann MF5

The Wiesmann MF5 Roadster has just gotten even cooler, thanks to German tuners SchwabenFolia.

The Wiesmann MF5 Black Bat by SchwabenFolia is one fierce roadster. The German tuners gave the MF5 a matte black body, which protrudes fiercely in the front and has some great lines up by the doors and back to the rear. They even gave it some more power. The Black Bat runs on a BMW V10 engine. The base power output of 560hp has been tuned up to 600hp thanks to a 3-way catalytic converter and rebuilt air filtration system. It also uses a bespoke dual exhaust system.

Complete with a bat logo on the rear and a set of blacked-out 20-inch rims, the MF5 Black Bat can move from 0-62mph in a quick 3.5 seconds. Check out the complete photo gallery of the SchwabenFolia Black Bat Wiesmann MF5 and let us know what you think about the fierce and powerful roadster.

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