Schwarzenegger is Back - and Driving a Camaro ZL1

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Did you really expect for him to make something Oscar-worthy?

Last week we brought you the first bit of details regarding Arnold Schwarzenegger's return to big-budget action films. Set to be released next January, "The Last Stand" is about an aging sheriff from a quiet US border town forced into fighting off a gang of drug dealers wanting to enter the country to, you know, sell drugs. Also appearing in the film is Johnny Knoxville, Forest Whitaker and Peter Stormare (Steve Buscemi's equally mental crime partner from "Fargo").

Besides from the inevitable one-liners, Schwarzenegger's character will be behind the wheel of a Camaro ZL1 while his drug cartel nemesis drives a Corvette ZR1. So without further ado, here's the official trailer that shows plenty of gun-loving action along with some solid car chases involving our favorite Chevys. Great to have you back Arnie.

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