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Scion Confirms New Sedan For 2015, And It'll Be A Rebadged Mazda2

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Well, at least the brand is making an effort here.

Scion, as we all know, is in desperate need of new products. The FR-S was a great start but it’s still a niche car. This is a brand that really, really needs a mainstream hit. And apparently that’s coming this April at the 2015 New York Auto Show. As previously reported, Toyota’s supposed youth division will unveil a new hatchback in the Big Apple, called the iM, essentially a rebadged Europe-spec Toyota Auris hatch. Not a bad thing but what Americans really enjoy are sedans (and crossovers).

Now we’re hearing that another new Scion model will in fact be a sedan based on the Mazda2. It will be Scion’s first sedan ever. No other details are available as of yet, but this could turn out to be a smart plan. The new Mazda2 has been very well received so far and it does have that "Zoom-Zoom" thing going on. So a fun to drive Scion small sedan? Sounds interesting enough. We’ll have to wait and see what’ll premiere in New York in April.

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