SEMA 2014

Scion Creates Ultimate 70s Skater Van, Scaled Down and Built for Tony Hawk's Son

Yes, there is shag carpet and an actual working 8-track player.

You know what really appeals to young people? Nostalgia for a time they weren't actually alive for. That probably came across as sarcastic, but it really does do the trick somehow. So Scion (purported to be a car company for young people) has brought out a Seventies-themed xB for SEMA, and it really does seem to make sense. It was built for Riley Hawk (Tony Hawk's son, also a skateboarder himself) and is claimed to be a tour vehicle.

We're guessing it won't be used for that at all, but that doesn't really matter. It's far more backstory than we really need for a SEMA show car anyway.

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