Scion FR-S Convertible Not Cancelled After All?

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We're just as confused about this one as you likely are.

There's no question we've been getting mixed messages regarding the on again-off again future of the Scion FR-S and Toyota GT86 convertible variants. Earlier this month word began to leak out that Toyota had all but effectively cancelled plans to launch both convertible and turbo version of the hot-selling Scion FR-S. The GT86, which is for Europe only, was also said to be a victim of this decision. The bottom line thinking was, for all intents and purposes, about the bottom line: Toyota bean counters couldn't justify the costs involved.

But now a report coming from CarAdvice claims that the car's chief project engineer has just denied those reports of the convertible being cancelled. He further told the Australian publication that a new 86 convertible concept will even be coming to the Tokyo Motor Show next year. The FT- 86 Open Concept had its premiere last March at Geneva, and it obviously fueled speculation about a production version. No word yet on the future of a turbocharged FR-S/GT86. We're just hoping we're not going to be let down about that one the way Subaru did last week regarding those teaser images of the BRZ STI (really just a BRZ tS).

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