Scion FR-S Turbo And Convertible Won't Happen


Waiting for that Scion FR-S convertible or turbo model to come out? You can stop now because neither will happen.

Although this hasn't officially been announced by Toyota, it's still a done deal. Despite all of that talk regarding a supposed Scion FR-S convertible and FR-S turbo, it turns out that neither of them will be happening. Instead, Toyota will leave those ideas to the aftermarket. So what was the FT-86 Open Concept for in the first place? Apparently just to tease us. There was a time when Toyota was seriously looking to do both an FR-S Turbo and Convertible, but after running the numbers, the business case just didn't add up.

There were also reportedly some hurdles on the engineering side. The FR-S/BRZ/GT86 triplets were not initially designed as convertibles. Because of this, chopping the top off would cause the car to gain too much weight and lose rigidity. The resulting sticker price of an FR-S convertible also would have been way more than that of its closest competitor, the Mazda MX-5. A turbo model would have also been too expensive. Fortunately there's still hope, and it's called the Subaru BRZ and aftermarket tuning firms. Sadly, we highly doubt a BRZ convertible will happen. A turbo on the other hand...

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