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Scion Hopes Upcoming New Models Will Matter

A complete lineup revival is about to happen.

Scion hasn’t quite turned out the way Toyota had hoped it would. It was designated to be the so-called youth brand, which would be fine if young people actually bought Scions. But they’re not and the only interesting current model is the FR-S, and even that isn’t moving off dealer lots in expected numbers. So Toyota had a choice: either attempt to revive Scion or kill it entirely. It has chosen the former.

A new report has gone into some detail in regards the upcoming Scion model revamp, starting with the discontinuation of several models. For starters, the xB is a goner. It’ll be replaced by a rebadged version of the Europe-market Toyota Auris hatchback, which is based on the Corolla platform. Sources claim it’ll receive a fairly powerful engine and sporty tuning. The xD is also dead, replaced by a sedan version of the new Mexico-built Mazda2. Both the xB and xD replacements are due sometime in 2015. The tC will soldier on until a redesign arrives in 2016. A next-gen FR-S has been confirmed but it won’t arrive until 2017.

There’s also a possibility of a Scion crossover that’d be smaller than the RAV4, but that’s still a couple of years away. And finally, the iQ minicar is officially dead. This lineup revival sounds good, but Scion still has a lot of work to do in terms of image. Young buyers still don’t know the brand is aimed at them.

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