Scion Turned One Of Its Most Boring Cars Into An Outrageous Lowrider For Sema

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Because cool and hip kids love lowriders, right?

Scion and Eddie Huang have teamed up to build a lowrider iA for the 2015 SEMA show. Huang is a restaurateur, chef, writer, lawyer and the guy behind ABC's comedy series "Fresh Off the Boat." Okay, technically Huang didn't build this custom lowrider. That honor goes to Scott Kanemura over at KMA Industries. Actually, we're not sure it's such an honor. The Scion iA, which is basically a Mazda2, doesn't look awful in stock form. However, the lowrider look just doesn't suit the econobox at all.


Huang and Scion get points for creativity but damn, this thing is harsh on the eyes. Admittedly the 100-spoke gold wheels are damn cool, as is the rear speaker arm rest. That's about it, though. The iA just looks super goofy lowered and its custom paint job looks more than a little silly thanks to the candy "root beer" paint dominating the bottom. The interior is equally goofy with all its micro suede and the chain steering wheel. We will admit that the bamboo shifter is pretty awesome. Overall this SEMA-bound Scion looks too silly to be taken seriously. Of course that's the point, and we'd be lying if we said we didn't want to watch it hop. It's got a two-stage airbag system, so hopefully it jumps around a bit on the show floor.

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