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Scion xD - A Hatchback without the Comfort or Utility

Scion's 2010 Scion xD has the same general characteristics we have learned to expect from Toyota. The xD is essentially the same as the 2009 model, and shares a platform with Toyota's Yaris. While the Yaris does make a tempting alternative, it's better to go with the xD. The xD does have a few notable upgrades such as the addition of vehicle stability control, and an option to upgrade the stereo.

Beyond those upgrades, the 2010 Scion xD is the same old one. It's short on space, but long on available features that make the xD worth a look. However, for those interested in cargo space and versatility, the Honda Fit is a must see. If you want comfort, look at the Kia Soul.

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