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Scirocco R is Forbidden Fruit We Want Most

But is it better than the Golf R or the GTI?

Volkswagen may have dropped the Scirocco in the US back in 1988, but it reappeared in Europe in 2008. The new car, based on the previous generation Golf, looked fantastic and many US VW enthusiasts were understandably annoyed. It just wasn’t fair. Now VW is teasing these enthusiasts again with the new 2013 Scirocco R. Powered by a turbocharged four pot with 262 horsepower, this front-wheel-drive hot-hatch is unquestionably one of the most stylish offerings in its segment.

It’s even lighter than the Golf R, but that’s because it doesn’t have AWD. But is the Scirocco R the better choice (if you lived in Europe)? Check out this latest test drive from Motor Trend’s Carlos Lago to find out.

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