Scoop: Land Rover's Latest Lighting Patent Comes With A Disco Mode

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This new patent for integrated lights in an SUV's rear spoiler may make maneuvering in the dark much easier.

Not even the highest-resolution cameras can adequately display the area behind an SUV in low-light conditions, but CarBuzz discovered a new patent Land Rover filed at the World Intellectual Property Organization that may eliminate this problem in future models like a facelifted Defender or Range Rover Velar.

The solution proposed by Land Rover involves adding more lights to the rear ends of their SUVs. This may include the current high-level brake light, but it's also likely that separate light units will also be integrated into the vehicles' tailgate spoilers, which will be used as downlights in certain conditions.

These added lights will most likely be LED projector units. They will be managed by a control system that receives inputs regarding the vehicle's direction, travel speed, and whether the proximity sensors detect anything nearby.

This will allow the controller to change the color and intensity of the rear illumination depending on the operating conditions.

World Intellectual Property Organization
World Intellectual Property Organization

According to the patent, driving forward will have the auxiliary lights fade to a dim red color to enhance driving safety at night while selecting reverse will see them turn white and brighten up to illuminate the area immediately behind the vehicle.

Upon prompts from the proximity sensors, certain sections can also be highlighted with even brighter illumination as the vehicle approaches them. Different lighting modes can also be selected to ease trailer hitching and parking in the dark.

The patent also mentions a literal party trick: When the vehicle is stationary, but its audio system is still playing, the lights can be switched over to disco mode, and turn the area behind the SUV into a disco floor with colored lights that flash in sync with the music. Whether this will amuse or annoy other vehicles nearby isn't mentioned, but the option to add some extra ambiance to a party in the middle of nowhere may have its own appeal. It's like Kia's personalized puddle lights but with accompanying music.

World Intellectual Property Organization
World Intellectual Property Organization

Land Rover has long been a proponent of innovative camera solutions in its SUVs, not only with the usual rear-view cameras but also to make off-roading less risky by utilizing its pioneering ground view systems. More recently, the company has been augmenting the interior rearview mirror image with a digital overlay, effectively removing objects in the vehicle and cargo hold from the standard mirror's image.

But, even with all these intelligent cameras, one big problem is only now being satisfactorily addressed. That problem revolves around lighting because standard reversing lights aren't powerful enough to give a clear view on the camera display when there's little or no ambient light.

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