Scotland's Idea Of A Raptor Is A Lot Different Than America's

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But it does feature EcoBoost power.

Modern cars can seemingly do everything - do the grocery run, take the kids to school, and lap a race track. Despite this, purpose-built track cars like Caterhams are now so popular, the UK company now has a waiting list. We've driven a Caterham, and we can say without certainty that it is far more exciting than almost any sports car on the market. Now Autocar reports that a Scotland-based company called Raptor Sportscars will enter the market with a Caterham-like track car.

This is big news for Scotland, which hasn't had any significant automotive production since 1981 when Talbot closed down its Linwood plant. The Raptor looks very similar to a Caterham Seven, but it is far longer. This was done to accommodate taller drivers - the company founder Andy Entwistle is six foot seven inches tall.

Buyers will be able to choose from a range of engines including a 2.0-liter naturally aspirated four-cylinder from Ford, or an optional 1.6-liter EcoBoost from the Fiesta ST. In the Fiesta, this engine produces 197 horsepower, but Raptor will tune it to produce either 240 or 330 hp.

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There are also a few motorcycle engines on offer including a 1,400cc Kawasaki motor that will rev to 10,000 rpm and produce 210 hp. Raptor will even offer a bespoke engine option, where owners will be able to choose their own powerplant. Prices start at £22,000 (around $28,000) for the 2.0-liter or £44,000 (around $56,000) for the EcoBoost.

Those US prices are simply estimates, but the Raptor will be sold in the US. Entwistle says "People love the fact it comes from Scotland. We've already appointed a dealer in Florida – the first demonstrator was Saltire Blue with tartan seats."

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