This Weird Scottish Hummer EV Is Coming To America

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Thankfully, it's not nearly as expensive or large.

We've talked briefly about Scottish EV startup Munro Vehicles before on CarBuzz. Back then, the small company wasn't even called Munro Vehicles yet. Things have changed, including where the company will ship its models. The startup is focused on bringing its take on the off-road electric vehicle to the US. The EV, clearly inspired by off-roaders like the GMC Hummer EV and the Land Rover Defender, will come to America after the signing of a new sales agreement.

The company will work with Glasgow-based EV leasing company Wyre, which will have exclusive rights for the sale and distribution of the Munro 4x4 EV here in the US.

Munro Vehicles Munro Vehicles

"We see the Munro 4x4 EV as a serious and compelling opportunity for a wide range of our customers across the USA. One which will see us go from an initial order book of 50 vehicles next year to around 2,500 in 2025," said Wyre's managing director Rebecca Hansen. "This is an important win for us. The Munro is a great multi-purpose vehicle, and one that has a great future. We are delighted we have the opportunity to make it a big success in the United States. Just as important, it is a further step in establishing Wyre as market leaders."

Munro Vehicles Munro Vehicles

Over in Scotland, this truck is primarily marketed to buyers as a tough and no-nonsense EV SUV that'll haul both your gear and your crew across any terrain you might encounter. Munro Vehicles says that this vehicle ought to have special appeal to farmers as a result, who have long relied on the Defender to do much the same thing. However, in America, the intent will be a bit different. "One particular customer market we have/are targeting in the States is the huge electric utility sector where companies need to show their customers that they are taking the provision of EVs seriously in their own fleets," Hansen said.

Munro Vehicles

However, the company is still in its infancy and looking to enter one of America's hottest segments, especially at this price point. An MSRP of $87,843 is a whole lot of money, especially for what Munro markets as a stripped-out, off-roader. Still, Munro stands a chance, as everyone heads for an electric future. Who's to say if Munro Vehicles has a chance versus Rivian, Tesla, or Ford to claim a tiny bit of market share in the EV off-roader game? For now, we'll have to see what kind of interest the company can command stateside once its units start getting over here. Munro has planned to release 50 vehicles this year, with 25 as LHD models.

Munro Vehicles

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