Scratching A Bugatti Chiron Is The Worst Way To Start Your Day

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Hopefully it will buff right out.

Someone needs to put a sign up at the Hotel Carlton in Cannes, France. "Park here at your peril" will do it. Our France-based supercar spotter buddy Roman Dinar has sent us this video of not one, but TWO Bugattis scraping their chins at the bottom of a ramp while exiting the establishment. The first, captured at night last year, is a lush white Veyron Supersport. Priced at 2.3 million Euros, we imagine that repairing a scratch on this bad boy will be five figures.

Roman returned to the scene of the crime this summer, expecting to hear the painful noise that is carbon fiber scratching concrete yet again, and lo and behold he spots a Bugatti Chiron making its way down the same sinister slope.

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Even though the driver appears to be taking extra care, maneuvering the hypercar as slowly as is possible in a 1,500-horsepower W16-powered monster, the front spoiler makes contact with the ground, causing every single bystander to collectively suck their teeth. Supercar and hypercar owners, anyone with a low riding car for that matter, you have been warned. This hotel is bad for your car's health. You might want to turn up in something a bit more high-riding, like the Bentley Bentayga that follows closely behind its hypercar cousin.

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