Screw The Alfa Romeo 4C: Buy This Ultra-Rare Alfa Romeo From Zagato Instead!

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This dime only costs six figures.

There is no car quite like this model-the Alfa Romeo SZ is quirky, sporty and complete eye candy. The limited production coupe was designed by Alfa and built by Zagato in 1990. Zagato badges and embossing, along with out of this world styling proves how special this car really is. It houses a V6 pumping out 210 horsepower, decent for the time, especially considering its low curb weight. It is the 18th car produced out of only 1,000 and is in immaculate condition with only around 2,200 miles on it.

It is sure to satisfy enthusiasts with a manual transmission and all the goodies of an analog sports car and is in great condition. It's priced at $119,000, nearly twice the price of a brand new 4C, but we think it is worth every cent.

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