Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus Brings SCG 003 To Geneva In Both Street And Track Versions

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Although the two are fairly similar.

Jim Glickenhaus has long been taking existing cars and turning them into even more fantastic creations, but his latest, the SCG 003 from Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus, is something more. Revealed online last week, this is a completely unique car, built on a carbon fiber chassis and made thoroughly customizable. Two different versions are available. The first is the SCG 003 C (Competizione - the track version), which will set you back about $2.3 million.

The other is the SCG 003 S (Stradale -street version), which comes in at about $2.6 million. The two are fairly similar though, and both use F1-style pushrod suspension. In fact, owners themselves will apparently be able to convert one into the other. There aren't any performance figures because the car is built to be able to use just about any engine you could want, including Bentley's W12 unit, which would obviously mean that those prices are subject to a bit of change as well. The car was developed using a twin-turbo V6 from Honda, modified by Autotechnica Motori. Now we're just waiting to see who can build the most insane version of the car.

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