Scumbag Car Dealers Treat You The Way They Do Because They Can

Nice guys, huh?

Many people never buy a new car. Let some other sucker pay the depreciation. There are even plenty of people who never set foot in a dealership even to buy a used car; they buy privately. There’s a very good reason why. Car dealerships are uncompetitive by law. Yep. Government and car dealer franchises have been in bed together since the 1930s. Remember, car dealers are not owned by the automakers themselves. The exception, of course, is Tesla, which sells cars directly to customers without a middle man.

Dealers are franchises, organized into larger dealership associations. Together, they’ve pressured all 50 US states into passing "franchise laws," resulting in a car sales monopoly. And that’s why Tesla is so despised by those good ol’ boys. Want to learn more? Our new hero, Adam Ruins Everything, has this hilarious rundown.

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