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Scumbag Car Salesman in Rolled Back Odometers Scheme


Well actually, he referred customers to a friend who did the work for a few hundred bucks.

This guy did the one thing we all hope car sales people don’t do. And he works (well, worked) at a Los Angeles Ford dealership. Jeffrey Levy’s 20-year career as a car salesman has just come to an end after the US Justice Department filed charges against him and another man for rolling back car odometers. Levy and Shamai Salpeter have formally been charged with conspiracy to commit odometer tampering.

Basically, their scheme worked like this: Levy, formerly of Galpin Ford in the North Hills section of LA, sent his customers and friends to Salpeter where, from his driveway, he tinkered with the cars’ odometers. Salpeter charged between $100 and $400 per rollback, utilizing electric tools to the exact mileage requested by customers. Levy was supposedly aware that these people had surpassed the maximum lease mileage. Once Salpeter did his handy work, customers could trade in their leased car and avoid paying fees and other penalties for going over the mileage limit. Galpin Ford began to suspect Levy was up to no good two-and-a-half years ago and contacted the authorities.

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