Sea Lion Up for Sale - The World’s Fastest Amphibious-Land Vehicle

The world’s fastest amphibious vehicle on land is up for sale.

Marc Witt and Applied Design's Sea Lion is going up for sale. Claimed to be the world's fastest amphibious vehicle on land, the Sea Lion utilizes a Mazda 13B Rotary engine (from 1974) to run 125mph on land and 60mph in the water.

The Sea Lion doesn't hold the title officially, but the amphibious vehicle has been worked on for the past six years and has remained competitively fast during the course of that time. It can supposedly run a claimed 180mph when configured correctly and that is part of their pitch to sell the machine. In essence, it's "Buy the car, attain a world record." The project combines aerodynamics with water-going functionality. Witt says what makes it special is that "It is a world's fastest amphibious vehicle on land, it has the potential to set the record on water for the new owner, and it is one hell of a conversation topic!"

The exterior is finished in brushed aluminum and stainless-steel while the interior is covered in black. Marc Witt and Applied Design's water-going speedster, the Sea Lion, is currently listed for $259,500.

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