Seat Confuses Everyone By Making An Off-Road Version Of Its Latest SUV

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Does this mean the regular Ateca's rather crap on tough terrain?

It's pretty common knowledge that a majority of SUVs on the market today aren't really designed to tackle tough off-road trails. Some can, like the Trailhawk-spec Jeeps and pretty much every Land Rover ever made, but a majority of the 4x4s on sale today are aimed at a type of buyer who'll rarely if ever take their SUV off the asphalt. Not wanting to distance itself from the clientele who might actually need the extra off-road ability, Seat's now become the latest manufacturer to announce a more rugged, all-terrain-conquering crossover.

Though Seat's officially calling this Ateca X-Perience a concept, the fact it's so clearly derived from a production car means its design study status will likely be incredibly short lived. In fact, it'll probably make you wonder why Seat decided to unveil it as a concept car at all. Alas, what's done is done, and the end result of the X-Perience concept is surprisingly good. Being an SUV, the Ateca would already work well to the visual customization front, and bits like the beefy plastic bodywork cladding endow this Seat SUV with a look more befitting of an off-road-centric vehicle. The matt olive green paintwork suits the Ateca X-Perience, too.

Considering the standard Seat Ateca's already going down rather well with the European motoring press, it's safe to expect the eventual production version of the Ateca X-Perience concept car to be as equally well rounded. For sure, it's a relatively niche appeal vehicle, and you could argue it's the closest we're going to get to seeing a manufacturer admit its mass-appeal mainstream SUVs aren't totally suited to life away from paved roads, but it's still an interesting vehicle. Whether it's intriguing enough for this article to attract "please bring Seat and the Ateca X-Perience to the States"-style comments to this article is another matter entirely.


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