SEAT Goes UP! with their Mii too

Electric Car

SEAT has released their city car rival to the VW UP!.

Car companies are clamoring to create their own city car to compete with the recently unveiled Volkswagen UP!. Following Skoda's revealing of their Citigo city-mobile, Spanish car company SEAT has joined the pack with their new car aptly titled the Mii too. SEAT has described their compact eleven and a half foot car as the perfect fit for today's city lifestyle. The car was designed for comfort with plenty of new technology and specifically for 'driving fun,' something the Spaniards feel the UP! and Citigo lack.

Well, it might be a bit difficult to get a lot of enjoyment out of either the 59hp or slightly tuned-up 74hp 1.0-liter 3-cylinder engine that sits under the two-door car's hood. In any case, if you purchase the Mii too, you aren't looking for a sports car feel, just a reliable and green car to drive in the city. In addition to the slim Co2 output of 97g/km, the Mii too also features a very helpful safety feature: the City Safety Assist system. If the car is traveling at over 18mph and the sensor detects a possibility of an accident, the car automatically applies the brakes.

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The SEAT Mii too has been priced competitively between the Volkswagen UP! and the Skoda Citigo, at a modest £8,000.