Seat Really Wants To Recapture Its Nurburgring Record From AMG


That's why the company is working on a new 335 hp hot wagon.

The new Mercedes E63 S is one of the most impressive wagons ever built. This 612 hp beast is so fast, that it was able to set a lap record for wagons at the Nurburgring. The Mercedes set a lap time of 7:45.19, which crushed the previous wagon record of 7:58.1 that was set by the Seat Leon ST Cupra. Granted, the Seat was only 13 seconds behind the AMG with less than half the horsepower and half the number of driven wheels. It seems that Seat isn't happy with losing, and Auto Express reports that a faster wagon from Seat is on its way.


Seat marketing boss Wayne Griffiths said that he is working on a bespoke Leon ST with more power, an ABT aftermarket exhaust and 20-inch wheels. The prototype car features black paint with copper accents as well as an upgraded sound system and other interior changes. This color scheme would match the Leon Cupra R hatchback, which is the Seat brand's current most powerful car (306 hp with the manual). The Seat Leon Cupra R is still FWD, but the ST wagon variant will add AWD and produce as much as 335 hp from its 2.0-liter turbocharged engine. The additional power and AWD could help the upcoming Seat Leon ST Cupra R recapture its Nurburgring lap record.

Griffiths said that he sees a gap in the market for "cool, fast cars". He said that the typical Mercedes AMG or BMW M car buyer "[has] something to prove," but Cupra customers want a combination of good handling and restraint. Seat may not be a brand that is sold in the US, but it is interesting to hear that running the AWD system, the DSG transmission and 335 hp required no mechanical changes to the Seat Leon. The Cupra R is similar to the Volkswagen Golf R, although we aren't sure why VW would let its Seat brand have the best performance hatchbacks. Perhaps we could eventually see this boost in power reach the Golf R, and maybe the US will finally get the long awaited Golf R Sportwagon.


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