Seat Reveals New Leon SC

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VW's Spanish subsidiary reveals its sportiest take on the Golf platform, set to be unveiled in full next month at the Geneva Motor Show.

Seat is supposed to represent the sportier side of the Volkswagen group, but its new Leon (a Latin-flavored version of the Golf) has only been available in five-door format. That's something Seat is preparing to fix, though, with the new Leon SC. Standing for Sport Coupe, the Leon SC will be unveiled next month at the Geneva Motor Show. And when it does, European buyers will see a sportier hatchback that's more than just a five-door with two fewer portals. Seat shortened the Leon's wheelbase and gave it a look all its own.

The greenhouse has also been reshaped, with a dynamic character line running along the flank over the flared wheel arches and a steeper rear windscreen. Design cues are borrowed from a succession of concept cars from the past few years to make what Seat calls "the design icon of the model line-up."

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The Leon SC will be offered with an array of gasoline and diesel engines from the Volkswagen Group's considerable powertrain department, ranging from 1.2 liters to 2.0 and from 105 metric horsepower to 184. Trim levels (in the UK, at least) will include the S, SE and sporty FR specs, but what we'll be awaiting most eagerly is the Cupra performance version - Seat's version of the GTI - to follow. Watch this space.

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