Seat Shows Off the 5-Door Mii City Car before Geneva


The 5-door version of the Mii is set to launch this summer.

Spanish automotive manufacturer Seat has just unveiled their new version of the Mii city car. The five-door variant is based on its smaller, three-door version and will make its debut in Geneva. The tale of the tape, so to speak, on the five-door Mii is that it measures in at 3.56m long and features a 2.42m wheelbase. The trunk holds 33.6 cubic ft. An optional panoramic sunroof and portable infotainment system with a five-inch display are also new to the five-door version as well.

"The five-door is the perfect expansion to our Mii line-up: just as sporty, just as dynamic, but with a considerable increase in usability. With its low weight and modern drives, the Mii is both sporty and efficient at the same time. This applies especially to the Ecomotive model with its exceptionally low consumption and emissions figures," said Seat vice president for Research and Development Dr. Matthias Rabe. The Ecomotive engine Rabe mentioned features both start/stop tech and brake energy regeneration. It puts out 59hp in base variant (good for 68.9mpg UK) and 74hp in its... ahem... high-performance version (which returns 67.2mpg UK).

A 1.0-liter 3-cylinder gasoline engine is also available, matching the Ecomotive plants for power. The entry version puts out 59hp but returns only 62.7mpg UK while the slightly more powerful version gets 74hp and is good for only 60.1mpg UK. The five-door Seat Mii will make its debut in March at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show.

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