Seat Simulator is Actually a Leon Cupra 280 Wrapped in a Fancy Box

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Extreme simulator has these guys fooled. Probably.

There's nothing virtual about the reality these unsuspecting guys are experiencing. What appears to be a simulator designed to imitate the awesome capability of the Seat Leon Cupra 280 – the carmkaer's most powerful car ever – is in fact the potent hot hatch concealed within a clever box. We say unsuspecting, but there's every chance these guys know exactly what's going on. It doesn't matter how you package it, there's no mistaking the g forces of a 280-hp hot hatch sliding around a wet track as anything but the real thing.

Nonetheless, it's a cool idea that Seat has executed masterfully. It's not available Stateside, but Europeans may look at this in action and be severely tempted by the Spanish Golf R.

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