Sebastian Vettel Is Selling A Bunch Of Amazing Supercars

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Some choice Fezzas, Mercs, and even a Bimmer make up the eight-car offering.

Being a Formula One superstar gets you access to some of the best cars on the planet. Sebastian Vettel is one such superstar, and his time in F1 has seen him amass a rather impressive collection. While he's had a couple of Infiniti special editions named after him, the cars he chooses for personal use are some of the finest ever, and he's not a man with too much brand bias. Nevertheless, there comes a time where, unless you're Jay Leno, you either get bored of a car, run out of space, or decide to move on. Whatever the reasoning, Vettel is letting eight highly collectible cars go via Tom Hartley Junior. None are cheap, and a couple have already been sold, but just look at these beauties!
Tom Hartley Junior Tom Hartley Junior Tom Hartley Junior

First up is the technical masterpiece that is Maranello's LaFerrari. It's finished in signature red paint and appears to have a classy black interior. We like it, but it's already sold. As stunning as this car is, the next on the list is arguably even more special to Ferrari aficionados: the Enzo. This too wears scarlet pigments and seems to be just as well-kept. Actually, all the cars here are in showroom condition - as you'd expect from someone with resources like Vettel's. He clearly has a thing for red Fezzas, as the next car on the list is the controversial F50. This has also been sold while the Enzo has no price listed. Sadly, Vettel doesn't have an F40 up for sale here, but the F50 would have done nicely too.

Tom Hartley Junior Tom Hartley Junior Tom Hartley Junior

The Ferrari theme continues with a more modern offering, this time in yellow: the highly limited Ferrari F12 TDF, selling at just over a million dollars. He also has more daily-driveable cars for sale, like a 458 Speciale in black with yellow calipers and gray accent stripes ($485,000). Dark paint also features on the utterly insane SL65 AMG Black Series he's letting go for just over $381,000, while silver is the paint of choice for his gullwing-equipped SLS AMG ($242,500). With so many high-powered cars on offer, the last car advertised is something of a niche choice: the absolutely gorgeous BMW Z8, selling for the same price as the SLS. Clearly, Vettel is a man with excellent taste in cars who appreciates design as much as performance.

Tom Hartley Junior Tom Hartley Junior

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