Sebastian Vettel's Birthday Present Is Also Named Sebastian Vettel

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Kind of a no-brainer for Infiniti, but still a nice gesture.

Infiniti has been sure to let us all know that it works with three-time F1 world champion Sebastian Vettel on performance versions of its vehicles. This point was further driven home by the decision to create a FX Sebastian Vettel Edition. So when Infiniti gave him the keys to Sebastian Vettel Edition #001 as a present for his 26th birthday, it wasn't exactly a surprise move. Though only 150 will be made, it would have been strange for Vettel not to have one.

The racing driver, who is also Infiniti's Director of Performance, posed with his new car. It's one which he might conceivably never actually drive, but a good photo op. He also posed with a Q50, another vehicle he worked on development for he will also probably never drive. The gift giving took place near Vettel's home in Switzerland, and the look on Vettel's face suggests that he may have been out celebrating a bit last night. We've all been there Seb, good thing you're still young.

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