Sebastian Vettel’s Kung Fu Debut Comes Courtesy of Infiniti

Sebastian Vettel, Kung Fu action star.

Now the two-time F1 World Champion can add 'Kung Fu film star' to his already impressive resume. Well, kind of. A couple of days ago we brought you the trailer for Sebastian Vettel's Kung Fu debut, a short film produced by Infiniti. The Japanese automaker is also a sponsor for the Red Bull racing team, for whom Vettel is their star driver. The completed short film that's just been premiered online is called "Drive of the Dragon" and it's a part of a new promotional Infiniti campaign.

Also starring action starlet Celina Jade, Vettel shows us he's learned a thing or two about fighting bad guys (in a well-choreographed way). Yes, the film is very cheesy, but that's part of the fun it.

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