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Sebring Winner Jim Pace Narrates Flat Out Lap in a Classic Porsche 911 RSR

But don't worry, the video doesn't last 12 hours.

You'll never get as complete an understanding of the 12 Hours of Sebring endurance race in such a short period of time as you will from watching this video. It's an onboard ride along with 12 Hours of Sebring winner Jim Pace in a classic 3.0-liter Porsche 911 RSR (the GT3 RS of its day). Pace not only shows us how it’s done, he also narrates the whole full-throttle lap, good advice from a former winner.

This would be amazing enough if he were in a modern Porsche, but Pace is doing it in one without any electronic driver aides and a car which is famous for severely punishing tiny mistakes.

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