Second Lamborghini Veneno Home-Delivered to Miami Owner

#2 of 3 Venenos customized with green accents bought for $4,090,050 by Miami resident.

Forget about ‘first on your block.' Let’s start talkingsecond in the world. That’s the title Kris Singh got when a delivery truck pulled up to his Miami home the other evening. On it washis brand-new rocket-ship supercar: the Lamborghini Veneno, a 4-million dollarmasterpiece, and one of just four on earth. The V12, 6.5-liter 750horsepower hypercar, finished in green accents,was brought to his house by Lamborghini of St. Louis,where he left the massive check.

The first Veneno, with red accents, belongs to AntoineDominic, owner of Lamborghini of Long Island. The third should bedelivered to the Middle East later this year, trimmed with white accents, thus completing the Italian Tricolore the three privately owned supercars will be accented with. An additional 9 Veneno Roadsterswill eventually be built, priced at 3.3 million Euros, all of which have been pre-ordered by their future owners prior to seeingthem. According to the Dupont Registry blog, Singh immediately took his Venenoout for a spin in South Beach. Even in that neighborhood, we bet he must haveturned quite a few heads.

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