Secret Supercar Meet in UK is a Dream Gathering

A private event for some of the country’s most spectacular supercars took place in secret last weekend.

Over the weekend the UK's Supercar Driver club held their second annual 'Secret Supercar Meet' in Graypaul, Nottingham, which brought together over 160 supercars from across the country.

There were some truly rare and spectacular cars on show including two of the three Ford GT 720 Mirages on the planet, a RUF CTR3, a Porsche 959, a one-off Jaguar XJ13, a Ferrari F40 and Enzo, two of only a handful TVR Typhoons, a Hawk Stratos and an Ascari Ecosse.

A couple of official movies can be found via the link, but we thought the outtake video and the video of the cars accelerating, and occasionally sliding, was worth sharing immediately.

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