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Sedan Battle: Mercedes-AMG E63 S Vs Tesla Model S P100D

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The best sedan from the electric car world races the best sedan with eight holes in its block. Willing to bet which one wins?

Never before in history has there been a period where the sedan has been more of a phenomenon. It might not be selling like one, but the latest and greatest from Germany, the UK, and even America go to show that style, comfort, luxury, and extreme performance can be had with a Mercedes, BMW, Jaguar, and a Cadillac badge adorning the front. Unfortunately, as great as 600 horsepower, fantastic driving dynamics, and an all-wheel drive system that lets one play with the rear end sounds, it might not be enough.

Just as the internal combustion engine is reaching its golden era, electric cars are rising up to the fight and proving that they have all the virtues it takes to make a sedan great—fantastic even—without all that smelly gas coming out the tailpipe.

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We have our reservations about that shift in the industry, but at the end of the day, results speak better than words. That's why Top Gear has lined up two of the most extreme cars from either camp, the Tesla Model S P100D representing the electric cars and the Mercedes-AMG E63 S taking a stand for the internal combustion engine. Don't worry that the BMW M5 isn't in this race either-it's basically the same car as the AMG E63. Since there's certainly a power discrepancy between the two cars, the end results should be pretty obvious from the get-go, but ti's still a bit sad to watch.