Sedans Are No Longer Part Of Lincoln's Future

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Ford's no sedan policy has extended to its luxury arm.

American sedans are a dying breed. Ford has eliminated them from its US lineup, and General Motors is not far behind. Pivoting from passenger cars to focus on SUVs, trucks, and electric vehicles, allowed Ford to use the marketing budget from those models on other projects. In an interview with Ford Authority, the Blue Oval confirmed that this philosophy also applies to the Lincoln luxury brand.

Earlier this year, the 2020 Lincoln MKZ was discontinued, making it the last sedan available in Lincoln's lineup. Production of the MKZ ended on July 21, 2020, and with the Continental gone, Lincoln's lineup only includes SUVs. For the foreseeable future, it's going to stay that way.

2017-2020 Lincoln Continental Front Angle View Lincoln
2017-2020 Lincoln Continental Rear View Lincoln
2017-2020 Lincoln MKZ Dashboard Lincoln

"Sedans, especially in the luxury segment, are still very important in China, and Lincoln is growing in China," said Kumar Galhotra, Ford Vice President and President of the North American region. "But for the foreseeable future, we don't have any plans to go back to sedans. We're always looking at the marketplace if there is an opportunity, so never say never."

So to anyone holding out hope that Lincoln might squeeze out one or two more sedans before calling it quits, this news finally puts the nail in the coffin. Whether they have an engine under the hood or batteries in the floor, Lincoln's future lies in SUVs.


With Ford out of the game, Fiat Chrysler will have the market to itself with the Dodge Charger and Chrysler 300. On the luxury side, Cadillac's two latest additions, the CT4 and CT5, will not face any direct competition from an American automaker. Lincoln giving up on sedans comes as a disappointment, right as the company finally brought back its iconic coach doors on the Continental. Perhaps we may see those cool rear-opening doors again in the future, but this time on an SUV.

2017-2020 Lincoln MKZ Front Angle View Lincoln
2017-2020 Lincoln MKZ Rear View Driving Lincoln
2017-2020 Lincoln MKZ Front Angle View Lincoln
Source Credits: Ford Authority

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2017-2020 Lincoln Continental Front Angle View
2017-2020 Lincoln Continental Rear View
2017-2020 Lincoln MKZ Dashboard

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