See This Master Technician's Personal Insight Into AMG's Inner Workings


At AMG's Affalterbach plant, each engine is built by a single master technician, and it's possibly the coolest job ever.

Over at Affalterbach, AMG's German home base, there's a team of master technicians who build the engines for every AMG-badged car in production today. There must be different levels to this, we're guessing, and if there is indeed a ladder of experience, Michael Kubler is on the top rung. Each engine gets a name plate affixed to it, to let the world know who built it. It's not just to trace things back if something goes wrong, it's bragging rights, a kind of badge of honor.

Michael's name appears on some very serious engines, he's assembled these precision motors found in the best of the best AMG offerings. You'll find his badges under the hood of the AMG Vision GT, the AMG GT3, the AMG GT R, the Maybach S600 and even cars that aren't made by Mercedes-Benz but that run on their engines - like the hypercars from Pagani. It's because of this that Michael's Instagram account has amassed over 150,000 followers. The man gives us an inside look at the inner working of the AMG plant as well as close up images of AMG parts and places that the public will never normally get to see.

When Michael hit that 150k mark, he posted this message: "My intention was and still is to show the world of AMG from the eye of an engine builder. The passion and hard work that goes in every engine and what our philosophy 'One man, One engine' means. I never thought that I will get so much attention from all over the world. I am very thankful to know over 1,000 customers here on Instagram with an engine build from me. Thank you to all the ladies & gentleman all over the world with an engine handcrafted from me, to all AMG and Pagani customers and fans worldwide that share the passion and love for my work here on Instagram. You are the best!"

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