Seeing The Mercedes-AMG Roadster At The Nurburgring Is Too Much To Bear

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Can Mercedes just hurry up and debut its hottest convertible already?

We think there's a good reason Mercedes is taking its time in unveiling the AMG GT Roadster, or GT C Roadster as our spy photographers say it will be named. Of course the lion's share of the slow roll out is based in logic. The Roadster has its place on the timeline and will be shown when Mercedes is damn good and ready to show it. But we also think the automaker enjoys teasing gearheads-and the competition-just a bit. This thing is going to be awesome, and videos like this only exacerbate the wait.

This was shot at the Nurburgring and shows the AMG GT Roadster flying around the track. Unfortunately the top is up because camo doesn't work well when it's down. We hope the test driver at least got to drop the top once or twice because this thing sounds incredible. We only have two words: can't wait.

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