Seeing The Mercedes G500 Squared Dissected Is Your Engineering Lesson For The Day

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What makes this car as capable as its 6-wheeled brethren?

The Mercedes G Wagon 6x6 is one of the craziest vehicles to come out of the Tri-Star factory, and given some of the insane asylum worthy beasts created at the AMG tuning house, that's saying a lot. But of course, that isn't enough because soon after, Mercedes built the G500 Squared. While some question why the dinosaur G Wagon even exists, Mercedes secretly knows that it appeals to gearheads on some kind of animalistic level.

The G500 Squared is no exception, and to prove it, the guys at Drive bring it into the shops at Icon to see what makes the car tick. See for yourself how the green machine pulls off moves that'll make the 6x6 jealous.

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