Seeing This Ultra-Rare Porsche 959 On Its Roof Will Ruin Your Day

You have been warned.

Only 337 units of this iconic 80’s supercar were ever built and anyone that grew up with posters of this car on their walls alongside those of a Ferrari F40 will wince at the sight of one upended on the tarmac. The accident took place in Geneva, Switzerland, where bystanders claim the driver was speeding on a wet road and lost control before slamming into a guardrail. These pictures, courtesy of, show the result. We think the supercar is salvageable, but simply repairing that Kevlar roof will set the owner back a decent chunk of change.

Capable of a top speed of 197 mph, it was the fastest production car on the planet when it arrived in 1986, only to be surpassed by the F40 the following year, which managed to hit 200 mph, the first road car to achieve that milestone.

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