Seems There's Gonna be an Infiniti Juke

2014 Beijing Motor Show / 43 Comments

The rebadged Nissan will probably remain in China.

Plotting a new attack of models for the Chinese market, Infiniti surprised journalists the other day when it made a presentation of its upcoming Beijing Motor Show unveilings. Among the company's familiar faces, like the QX50, QX60, QX70, QX80 and Q50 sedan, there was also one blacked-out image which clearly displayed the silhouette of the Nissan Juke baby-crossover. What is the Juke doing on the luxury brand's screen?

It seems Infiniti will be launching a rebadged Juke at the Beijing show, one that will sport more luxury features and an Infiniti grille and exterior finish. Details are still limited, but it isn't likely that this model will make it to the market anywhere outside China.

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