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Selena Gomez a Beleibe-able Car Jacker?

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Selena Gomez turns her attention from the stage to the streets as she's set to play a car thief in a new Hollywood blockbuster.

We all know by now that Justin Bieber has a talent for getting speeding tickets...and for being the world's most famous car douche. Whatever the case, his reportedly now ex-girlfriend, fellow singer turned actress Selena Gomez, will be playing a car thief in an upcoming movie called "Getaway", starring Ethan Hawke and is due in theaters in late August. The official trailer was just released and in it Gomez's character attempts carjacking a Mustang Shelby GT500. Yeah, that's beliebe-able.

Whether or not this movie turns out to be a decent car chase flick or a B-movie suck fest is one thing, but the fact that Selena Gomez is playing a car thief is just downright hilarious.

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