Self-Driving Teslas Are Coming To Roads Near You This Week


How is Elon Musk planning to make them autonomous?

In a move sure to spark robot armageddon fears in "Terminator" fans, Elon Musk has just tweeted that all Teslas built after September of 2014 will receive an update to enable them to have some amount of self-driving capability. It isn't clear as to what extent the car will be able to drive itself, but Musk confirmed that autopilot parking as well as some highway steering ability will be included in the update. Tesla owners can also expect to see a new user interface that will likely feature aesthetic and ergonomic changes.


The self-parking system will help drivers who aren't endowed with basic driving skills to parallel park more easily and is sure to scare valets around the world. The talk of the town is that self-driving cars are the way of the future, bit it is pretty uncomfortable to think that the Model S sailing down the highway next to you could be holding its own leash. Updates will begin on October 15th from Tesla's own Skynet and will take up to five days to complete.

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