SEMA 2011: A Fiat 500 for the Racetrack by Road Race Motorsports

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Road Race Motorsports has created a thoroughly respectable Fiat 500 with added performance for B-Spec racing.

The Fiat 500 B-Spec racer from Road Race Motorsports is one fearsome little hatchback. The heavily-customized Italian track car has been totally stripped for weight and its engine has been tweaked for more power. Starting with the engine, the B-Spec Fiat 500 puts out a respectable 133hp. The added power is the result of a combination of enhancements from the motorsport crew. They include a Road Race intake system, sport exhaust and tuned engine.

Some motorsport accoutrements have been added as well to help the driver, including a timing controller, Drew Tech GPS and Track mapping system and a Zeitronix Data logging system. Back to the chassis of the Road Race Fiat 500, we see plenty of motorsport equipment. These include a rear anti-sway bar built by Road Race themselves along with their own custom racing brakes. A Carbontrix/Road Race collaboration widebody carbon fiber body kit is also fitted on the Fiat. The whole racing program sits on a set of Stance Mindset wheels wrapped in Toyo racing rubbers.

Check out Road Race Motorsports' customized Fiat 500 B-Spec racer and make your opinion heard about the latest entrant to the B-Class racing series. Photos courtesy Autoguide.

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